MOOPH - Module for Object Oriented Pseudomultithreaded Hypertext

MOOPH stands for Module for Object Oriented Pseudomultithreaded Hypertext. MOOPH on GitHub. If you want to use MOOPH module on your site, please contact me!

Using MOOPH module, it's easy to define multiple JavaScript pseudo-threads of execution in client-side projects (browser based single-page applications). Some JavaScript pseudo-threads may form a feature rich GUI (Graphical User Interface) of various application types and such GUI may attract the user's attention for a long time. This desired effect may have undesired consequences:

Bad implementations (periodical inclusion of remote script, img or iframe element to the document by malicious time-measuring pseudothread with JavaScript crafted random part of URL for cache bypassing) may lead to DDoS, so the MOOPH module is copyright protected. I don't want to make it legally easier to create a DDoS.

Let's talk about non-exclusive license agreement without the right to sub-license to a third-party and for a limited time. I don't need too much money, I just want to know where my code is and what does it do (or better said what does it NOT do).

Cenek Svoboda,

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